IZIWELT Solutions

We help our clients rapidly manage technology changes and accelerate digital transformation by offering following solutions

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Consulting & Project Management

We have the competency and experience to support you with following consulting services across different stages of your digital transformation journey

We can assist you in translating your business and technology transformation requirements and create RFP/RFQ, or review and enrich the same if you already have a draft.

We can engage with potential service providers on your behalf to execute the sourcing process and get their proposal and offers.

We can assist you in executing evaluation process by applying an aligned assessment framework in order to help you arrive at a qualified decision and selection.

In summary, our services will help you get the most value out of your external service provider.

We can conduct a qualified pre-study or study of your business needs, As-Is landscape, execute professional analysis of your existing situation and design high level solutions to your key business problems and come up with a transformation roadmap

We can assist you to setup and execute a qualified program management office to monitor value being delivered during a transformation program

Depending upon the complexity of the project, we can bring a qualified project manager to act on your behalf to deliver outcomes as per the project charter and execute typical project management activities.

We can assist you to setup and execute a virtual project management office to relieve you from loads of administrative, manual and tracking tasks, so that you can focus on higher value-adding activities

Package Solutions From SAP

We have a team of 100+ experienced resources in Indian silicon valley to provide you with a range services in SAP ecosystem.

Rise with SAP brings forth a transformative journey, seamlessly integrating End-to-End S/4 HANA Cloud solutions. This implementation marks a paradigm shift, empowering businesses with unparalleled agility, intelligence, and efficiency in their operations.

The implementation of SAP CX CRM Cloud Solution revolutionizes customer engagement, delivering a unified platform for seamless interactions. This advanced CRM system empowers businesses to cultivate lasting relationships, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sustained growth.

Executing a seamless integration of Ariba, Fieldglass, and Concur, our Digital Procurement Solution Implementation optimizes the entire procurement lifecycle. This unified approach harnesses cutting-edge technology to enhance procurement efficiency, cost control, and supplier collaboration, driving substantial value for your organization.

Beyond the core ERP functionalities, SAP offers a diverse range of Line of Business (LoB) solutions. These tailored solutions cater to specific business functions such as HR, procurement, analytics, and customer experience, ensuring a comprehensive suite to meet diverse organizational needs.

Addressing the critical need for niche skills and resources, we bridge the gap in your existing project setup. Our tailored approach brings specialized expertise, bolstering your team’s capabilities and propelling your project towards unparalleled success.

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SAP Customization & Integration On BTP

Our team of 200+ technical experienced SAP resources in Indian silicon valley can provide you with a customization, development and integration solution in SAP ecosystem.

Employing extensive ABAP development expertise, we tailor solutions to meet diverse customization needs across various custom objects (WRICEF). This ensures a finely-tuned SAP environment, empowering businesses with tailored functionalities and seamless integration of custom processes.

The meticulous migration of SAP R/3 custom objects to S/4 HANA, coupled with strategic rearchitecturing, ensures a seamless transition to the latest ERP landscape. This comprehensive process harmonizes legacy functionalities with the advanced capabilities of S/4 HANA, optimizing performance, efficiency, and future scalability.

Fiori Apps Development brings a modern and intuitive user experience to SAP systems, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity. These custom-tailored applications optimize processes, ensuring a seamless and engaging interface for users across the organization.

Pioneering innovation, our development on SAP Business Technology Platform crafts bespoke apps tailored to your business needs. This empowers enterprises with cutting-edge solutions, seamlessly integrated into their existing ecosystem, driving efficiency and competitive advantage.

Unlocking the full potential of SAP Business Technology Platform, our integration solutions seamlessly connect disparate systems and data sources. This empowers businesses to leverage a unified ecosystem, driving agility, insights, and innovation across their operations.

Software Development & Testing

We offer a range of custom development services on various technology platforms as per your needs. We are conversant with DevOps and Agile principles.

Embracing a holistic approach, our full-stack development leverages a robust DevOps toolchain to drive continuous integration, deployment, and delivery. This end-to-end solution streamlines development processes, enhancing collaboration, agility, and efficiency for accelerated project success.

Combining the precision of automated testing with the expertise of manual execution, our approach ensures comprehensive test coverage. This dual strategy guarantees robust software quality, identifying and addressing issues at both granular and holistic levels for a seamless user experience.

From dynamic web applications to intuitive mobile apps, our development expertise spans across platforms and devices. We craft user-centric solutions that blend functionality, performance, and seamless user experiences, ensuring businesses connect effectively with their target audiences in the digital realm.

Technology stack encompasses a diverse array of options, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and a wide range of programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, .NET, C, C++, C#, and PHP. This versatility allows us to tailor solutions precisely to your needs, leveraging the most suitable tools for optimal performance and scalability.


AI/ML Development

We have a well experienced and established team of business analysts, data scientists, data engineers to assist you in your AI/ML based transformation journey. The services include quite a wide range of opportunities.

Through meticulous PoC realization, we validate the feasibility and potential of cutting-edge technologies for your specific business challenges. This hands-on approach enables a clear understanding of the solution’s capabilities, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your strategic objectives before full-scale implementation.

Deep learning development involves building and training complex neural networks to extract intricate patterns and make high-level decisions from data. It underpins applications like image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and autonomous systems, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence.

Implementing ML Operations, we seamlessly transition your data models from development to production, ensuring they generate actionable insights at scale. This process streamlines operations, enabling continuous monitoring and optimization for sustained value from your machine learning initiatives.

From inception to deployment, our ML model engineering expertise crafts robust, efficient algorithms tailored to your specific needs. Through meticulous optimization, we fine-tune models for peak performance, ensuring they deliver accurate and valuable insights for your business.

Migration Of Data & Applications

We have deep expertise to assist you with various kinds of cloud transformation and migration needs including associated architectural adaptation and required transformation.

Efficiently migrating legacy applications to the cloud unlocks scalability, security, and accessibility, propelling businesses into a modernized digital landscape.

Seamlessly transferring data from legacy systems to a modern SaaS application ensures a smooth transition while preserving critical information for enhanced operational efficiency.

Executing a seamless migration of live customer data and incidents from legacy systems to the cloud ensures uninterrupted operations with enhanced scalability and accessibility.