IZIWELT Services

We offer time & material based as well as fixed price-based managed services across all our solution offerings. Depending upon your requirement we do joint solutioning and create statement of work.

Our Top Services


Sourcing Advisory Services

Sourcing Advisory Services assist businesses in shaping requirements and optimizing procurement strategies, leveraging industry expertise to drive cost-effective and efficient software and service partner selection process.


Assesment , Diagnostic & Study Services

Assessment, Diagnostic & Study Services provide thorough evaluations and detailed analyses to break down complex endeavaor in order to drive informed decision-making and embark on technology enabled business transformation.


Project Management

Depending upon the complexity of the project, we can bring a qualified project manager to act on your behalf to deliver outcomes as per the project charter and execute typical project management activities.


Solution Design

Solution Design involves crafting tailored strategies and blueprints to address specific challenges, optimizing processes and resources for effective problem-solving.


Technical Implementation & System Integration

Technical Implementation & System Integration seamlessly combine technologies, ensuring smooth deployment and harmonious functioning of interconnected systems.


Testing Services

Testing Services rigorously assess and validate software applications, ensuring reliability, functionality, and quality to meet industry standards and user expectations.


Rollout & Deployment

Roll-out and deployment brings tested and piloted solution to wider business units and geographies at scale. We deploy factory approach and apply learning curve at every steps of rolling out solutions.


Application Maintenance Services

Application Maintenance Services provide ongoing support and upkeep, ensuring software systems operate smoothly, remain up-to-date, and deliver consistent performance for uninterrupted business operations.


Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation Services bolster teams with specialized talent, offering flexible resources to meet project demands and drive productivity. Both extended workbench at remote location as well as onsite deployments are possible.