Making digitalization easy is the core theme of this organization


About Us

Newly set up in Taufkirchen, in the southern suburb of Munich, by two German partners who are originally from India and are veterans in information technology industry and have deep experience with enterprise customers in Germany as well as in other countries.

Making digitalization easy is the core theme of this organization, where we aim to contribute in the digitalization initiatives of the small and medium enterprises of Germany by bringing cost-effective digital solutions from India Silicon valley. The company offers quite a wide range of consulting services and technology solutions.


Contribute and accelerate digitalization drive of the Small and Medium Enerprise (SME) sector of German economy


Bring cost-effective digital solutions and services from global partners in Indian Silicon Valley to the SME sector which is deprived of the benefits of globalization in order to accelerate the delivery of their technology-enabled business transformation solution

Build Your Career With Us

IZIWELT believes there is a thin line between job and career and the latter is what we offer. We care about giving you the best place to contribute and do the work you truly enjoy which is a win-win forĀ  both of us

Partnership Program

Partner with us, together we rise !

IZIWELT looks forward to Solution Partners

To drive more personalized and advanced solutions for small and medium enterprises in German speaking countries

Why Partner with us?

Our global partnership programs are designed in a way every scale of a business can work with us. Our partner can be anyone, from brand-new born-on-the-cloud companies to the traditional resellers to aspiring graduates.

We are committed to effective partnerships thus offer a wide array of benefits to help you build business solutions that create superior customer experiences.

Become a IZIWELT Solutions Partner

IZIWELT has already established alliance partners and built key relationships with leading companies across several domains. Our partnerships are prominent that share the same passion as ours for client satisfaction, excellence, and customer service.

We bridge the business expertise and the culture with our modern software engineering and design practices and do so at a fraction of cost.